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The TPP Team has an extensive background involving current hiring practices and how to respond to the demands of HR departments and hiring managers. Our resume writing services will provide our clients with quality resumes for effective promotion of our clients skills and abilities.

**Disclaimer: The utilization of our services WILL NOT guarantee immediate hire**

The Professional Project Team will offer four categories with several types/formats available. 

STUDENT/ENTRY LEVEL (recent graduate)

CAREER LEVEL (In career field but seeking advancement or career change)

SENIOR/HIGH LEVEL ( Excelled in career, continuing toward C-Suite)

FEDERAL GOV’T (disciplined approached format that will include all knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA)


Below you will find all the resume formats that are available for our resume writing services:



Involves an overview off your work history. What sets us apart is that we will a quote that will uniquely present our client. 



Showcases your skills and experiences. And this resume is necessary for our client that hasn’t had much job experience. 



This is a mix between chronological and functional resumes. We will combine the best features of your chronological resume with focal points on your skills. 


Demonstration of your skills and experiences creatively through charts, graphs and images.


Resume w/ Profile

With focus on an specific position, this resume represents clients skill sets that will focus on present qualifications as well as future. 

Resume w/ Profile


Customized resume showing qualifications, accomplishments, and particular aspects of work history that matches the job description. 



Based on the uniqueness of this resume it includes, but not limited to, photos, graphics and other visuals. This format is usually requested from employers



This resume will capture the eyes of a job fair recruiter or can be utilized as a pocket resume for those quick opportunities that may come by


Press Kit

This industry driven resume is perfect for showcasing facts sheets, head shots, digital art work and much more. 

Press Kit Resume

Now What?

Allow The Professional Project Team to utilize our skills to take you to the next level. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Proof reading

  • Editing

  • Revisions, if needed (at your request)*

  • Two week turn around (or sooner at your request)*

  • Printed resumes**

  • And Much MORE!


*(additional fees may apply)

**(additional fees apply with the exclusion of Mini and Press Kit format)

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