Yeah, I Said IT! And I’m Not Taking IT BACK!

Last week we were able to finish our ALM cycle (that seemed like it took forever…but we made it!) and now I am ready to move on to something a little different!

I typically do not give much feedback or advice on applications or software because a lot of apps now days, have a lot of the same functionality but distinctive look. So, in my mind, there isn’t much competition just more of preference.

Well I have to say that I think I have found one app that defiantly has my attention. And that App is…

TRELLO is an outstanding app and works tremendously for all The Professional Project planning needs. This application primarily focuses on helping teams stay organized; a project management tool. One thing that all IT driven individuals look for when working with an application or when thinking about bringing in a new application is, how well will this application integrate with current products so that data isn’t lost? Or if a company is looking for other application to better enhance a system that is already put together, another thought would be, how well will this application interface with existing applications?

I can tell you now that TRELLO has made sure to keep all of that in mind! With TRELLO you can “integrate the apps your team already uses directly into your workflow. Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications to meet your team’s unique business needs”.

TRELLO works seamlessly wherever you are” meaning if you are using a desktop or mobile device, TRELLO is right at your fingertips! Not only does TRELLO work on multiple devices, it also works on multiple web browsers! So, you do not have to worry about giving up the comfort of working in a particular browser! Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

I know that everything so far seems to be exciting but let’s address the elephant in the room… How much is TRELLO. The answer is IT’S FREE! For free you can get unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklist and attachments. There is also the capability to link any file from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive! Keep in mind that if you want a few extra bells and whistles there will be a cost but the free version available may be just enough to get you what you need!

I think I am pretty done explaining now... I think it is time for you to sign up for FREE and take TRELLO or a spin!









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