We are at the last phase of our ALM Cycle! As usual, let me do a quick recap:

· Phase 1 covers planning which is where specifications (requirements) are gathered from the customer(owner) of the project so that everyone knows EXACTLY what is taking place.

· Phase 2 is where all hands (marketing, sales, support, developers, testers, etc.) are brought together to review the specifications and tie together a process of what will take place to get the project done. During this time, testers would also formulate what needs to be tested.

· Phase 3 is all about TESTING! The ultimate goal of testing is to determine if the application is working as design even after enhancements or updates are done. Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing are just a few of the components of testing.

· Phase 4, which is Implementation, is all about “carrying out, execution, or practice of a plan, a method, or any design, idea, model, specification, standard or policy.” (TechTarget)

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Even though there were no issues with implementation and everything seems to still work according to the way the system is designed, Phase 5 of the process still must be carried out. Phase 5 is Monitoring and Maintenance.

The project team and even development staff should have a plan in place to monitor the implemented process immediately after implementation as well as for a period of time after it has been in production. The monitoring process doesn’t have to be an extensive plan, depending on what the product is or how the system is utilized will determine the measure that is needed.

As far as the maintenance portion of the ALM cycle, this deals with more the support of the product implemented. Depending on what the product is, support could be an ongoing cycle. It is important to utilize the following from Park Place Technologies when dealing with maintenance:

· Keep track of warranties

· Make sure the support team understands all support options

· Take a close look at the budget

· Be ready for unexpected issues to arise

· Understand how long hardware can last

I’ve really enjoyed going through the different phase of the ALM cycle. Most of my outlook is based from a software aspect. Although this is my outlook and view on how the process is done, this is definitely not the only way! It is important to keep in mind your company or the project and tailor different processes to cater to what is going to give the best, sustainable outcome for you!









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