This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

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Or as it used to be known, All Hallows Eve... Or what I like to call "Free Candy Day."

Give me that sweet sweet sugar...

Let's chat for a bit.

Halloween in the workplace can be fun and entertaining. Cube-a-Treat is a fun mini office party where you basically trick-or-treat at work. Office Halloween parties are also fun. My job is having one. We're doing a "Brunch-o-Ween."

We're having waffles....WAFFLES


Some people take and inch, run a entire mile and get a little carried away in the Halloween department. There is nothing wrong with letting your team dress up. It can be a fun moral booster to see who comes up with the funniest, clever, scary, or cheap costume design.

Dave said he was going to be the spiderweb this year...

But, keep in mind that some people will use this as an excuse to be a little too free in the costume department. You are still at work. This is not the time to be a sexy nurse, be sandwich meat and cover yourself in said meat (only Lady Gaga can pull this one off), or a twig and berries (we know you thought about it... don't even) at the office. Keep it professional, keep it appropriate.

And if your office has already stated, NO COSTUMES, please don't be the person that tests your supervisor's patience and do it anyway. Insubordination and blatant disregard for office dress code will get you written up, sent home, or (depending on how many writes ups you already have or if you are in an At Will State like Florida) fired.

Have a good time at work today. Its Halloween. And though not everyone may celebrate due to religious or personal reasons, it is an excuse to bring snacks and treats to share with the office... (Foreshadowing... Now what could I mean by that?)

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat (^_^)

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