Staying Passionate in Your Purpose!

As a business owner and/or business professionals, our lives are never ending! We make sacrifices daily to reach our ultimate goal based on what our definition of success is in our industry. And while our passion is what initially fueled our fire to start a venture or take on a leadership position. What happens when the flame starts to flicker in and out? What do you do? How do you sustain the dim light or the nano-second of darkness?

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First, you have to reevaluate what part of your business and/or reason why you took this leadership role that fueled your passion, and which part(s) take away from it. Now, the next step is not always needed in the beginning, but I strongly encourage that you put together an ahmazing team that can take on all the task that assist you in fueling your part of the fire. It is necessary that you establish a TEAM, but remember you control the balance; so, be sure that you strategically place your team where they are needed based on their skill sets and strengths.

Now, we can go over a few steps that will allow you to continue to be passionate about your purpose:

Add Oxygen to your FIRE: While we, humans, need oxygen to breath- your passion needs the same. A dose of oxygen can ignite your fire to the point where you “blow-up” massively in your industry. And that’s a great thing. So, how do you accomplish this. It is your responsibility to fuel your fire daily. By breathing life into your ideas, your innovations. You have to remind yourself everyday “why” you started. Or “why” you accepted this role. This will allow you to stay engaged and motivated about what you do.

Make Sure your Passion Solves a Problem: Were you ever asked that age old question…? “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I am sure you answered based on the way you were programmed to answer. Everyone’s programming was/is different - so I can’t say exactly how you were programmed, but many people answered based on their experiences at home, from watching the tv, and who made the most money. This didn’t mean that this was what we truly wanted to do. But now you should stop and ask yourself, “What solutions do I want to find?” or “What problems do I want to solve?” Entrepreneurship was not a “real” career when I was growing up, not too many people said that’s what they wanted to do. But you hear that word now - more than you hear doctor or lawyer. Stop take some time out to fall in love with the problems you set out to solve, this will only assist you in remembering why you started this in the first place.

Don’t let the details crowd the BIG PICTURE: We always want to be prepared, but sometimes details can be too much for the reason why you’re doing what you're doing. The Big Picture is why you started this venture and/or accepted this position; so, stay focused on the solutions that can will eventually start the problem you set out to solve. Yes, details are necessary, but details can crowd and cloud your judgement when it comes to making decisions. It is necessary to be mindful of all the things that could affect or effect your business, but DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT! Allow the details to stop you from achieving the BIG PICTURE. Re-adjust and keep the goal the same.

So, hello Monday it’s me again and I am here to make sure you keep falling in love with Mondays!



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”





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