Should You REALLY purchase electronics on Black Friday!?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

With Thanksgiving just passing and more holidays right around the corner, there is a plethora of individuals that participate in gift giving for Christmas or that recently partook in Black Friday festivities because there was a great deal of goodies that was on sale. Majority of individuals that take part in these discounts are mainly looking for discounted electronics! Who wouldn’t want a brand new 50’ TV for $200 or the latest cell phone for $0 down. Although these items are marked for a much lower rate and sold from some well-known distributors, you must still be conscious that what you think you are getting you really may not be!

In my own personal experience, I went to Best Buy to get one of their TV’s they were advertising on sale. I was so excited because I just knew I hit the jackpot by getting this TV for such a lower price. After bringing it home and I setting up the TV, I noticed that there were key elements that were missing that I thought I was getting. The TV only had 1 HDMI port when I thought I was getting 3 and there were some features that didn’t come programmed with the TV as well. Although most customers already know that this takes place, why would Best Buy or even Sony advertise a TV and still be ambiguous concerning the exact details? Why would the manufacture not provide the exact version of the TV?

According to Forbes, “In order to offer models at bargain prices, some manufacturers produce “derivative models” -- that is, scaled down versions of their normal TVs.” Also, “What might be most alarming about derivative models is their production run. The manufacturing companies produce the derivatives to sell for only a few days. They might manufacture them for only a few weeks, as compared to their normal models which they can produce for a full year. This short production run might mean that the TVs are more prone to error” (Forbes).

If you are okay with getting something that may not be the exact model, may have errors or missing some feature then participating in Black Friday won’t be bad! USA Today conducted a study to gather when is the best time to actually purchase those things that you are looking for. I have provided a scaled down version below on when you should purchase these items:

Electronics = Monday before Thanksgiving

Toys = The weekend before Thanksgiving

Jewelry = On Thanksgiving Day

Apparel = On Thanksgiving Day

I hope I was able to provide some insight and helpful tips for your holiday shopping.









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