Set Boundaries

Tech Talk Thursday is in fullllll action!!! I hope you had a wonderful and productive week… your almost to the weekend!

After a month of learning a bout all the great inventions offered from Gravity Industries, MAVIC 2 Pro by DIJI, Corning Gorilla Glass 6 and many others, I bet your brain is on overload!

Previously I wrote an article on giving children a time out from technology but when is the last time as an preteen/ teenager/ adult that you stepped away from your phone? Or Tablet? Smartwatch? Smart TV? As great as it is to have everything at our figure tips through technology there still needs to be time taken to just ‘chill’ and enjoy the simple things in life. It seems now that instead of trying to enjoy breathtaking moments we are in the era that wants to just “capture” the moment. Everything should be consumed in moderation; too much of something can make you sick or even stress you out or just worn out in general!

Set Boundaries

I am one of those people, as the slogan would say, that will ‘ride the train until the wheels fall off’, however, I have learned to set boundaries when it comes to technology. My devices that is always surrounding me 24/7, 365 is my mobile devices a.k.a cell phone. Having this mini computer is in my hand is such a convenience but can become such a distraction! I learned to help set my boundaries my making simple alterations to my day.

For instance one way that I help take a break from technology is to take my work breaks without my phone! Often times I found myself taking my phone with me during my breaks to have some “free” time. Later, I started realizing that all I would do is create another distraction and more ‘work’ looking through post or trying to comment back to friends/family responses. So by the time I make it make into my office, I am still worn out! If you are like me and work in an environment where your work requires you to be on the computer most of the time, then I KNOW you understand my pain! It works best for me to lock my phone in my desk drawer until I return inside. I take moments outside to breathe and look at the beautiful day ( Unless you’re in Florida like me you never know what kind of day you’re going to get lol).

Another way that helped with breaking away from technology is to put my phone on the charger when coming home. This helps not only with breaking away from my device but allows me to have family time or cook with my spouse. I am also setting an example for my own child, whenever she gets a phone, that it doesn’t need to be permanently stuck to your hand (even though I know that is really difficult for a preteen/teenager)!

This last way that helps me break away from technology, thanks to my husband Sam Jones, is tp plan trips for the EXPERIENCE and pleasure. I love taking pictures and I love photos that represents great memories, however, I can become a little obsessive (& annoying) with wanting to gather everyone one for pictures or to stop in the middle of something to take photos. Sam helped me realize that I just need to enjoy the moments and stop trying to plan out every second of the trip or where we can have a mini photo shoot. Now, I am happy if I even have a photo to have to look back on but it is okay because memories are priceless.

What worked for me, may not work for you and that is okay! Take a few moments to think about what devices you use that may consume a lot of your time and start there! Taking this time apart is for YOU!

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