Season of THANKS!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Greetings!!!! It is November 1st which begins a month of THANKS! Although we may be thankful all year long, often we forget to be thankful about the trivial things. Even though technology is a part of our everyday life, we often forget where we may be without it! I’ve listed some reasons below along with BIS information as well as to why we should be thankful for technology!

1. The first obvious purpose to be thankful for technology is because it is pleasurable! Most of our down time at home or on the go, we may be viewing television or speaking on the phone with loved ones. “There’s a novelty in translating our love for scrapbooking to Pinterest or expanding our photo editing skills with Photoshop, Lightroom and Instagram. With Skype, you can instantly communicate face-to-face with friends or family in the next time zone or a world away.”

2. Another cause to be thankful for technology for is it improves our lives. This motive somewhat goes hand and hand with the first one but in the respect that lives have literally been saved using technology! Doctors can accomplish their jobs swiftly and exceed expectations, more jobs are formed, environmental difficulties are solved and safety devices are enhanced to better protect and serve communities.

3. “Technology and innovation have become so intertwined one informs the other. Even as one new and improved product has been released, you can bet its follow-up is in production. Everything from automated processes to computers, from fitness trackers to surgical techniques is continually being studied, tested and upgraded. Technology not only helps improve our lives, but it also helps make even more improvements possible.”

The list of how technology impacts our lives can go on and on! Let’s try to make the best of this month to be thankful for the small things that we sometimes don’t think about that improve our lives.









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