ROI: A Companies Asset

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Return on Investment is one of the most thrown around phrases in business, which usually have an outcome that only benefits the company or the employer, but what about the people or the associates that work for the company? What do they get out of this phrase, normally nothing! And this should be scary for the employee, which is what most would think; in all actuality it should be terrifying for the employer. Think about it the associates have decided or chosen to be a part of this company, and yes, I said the associate has decided or chosen to be a part of the company. I say this because the soon to be employees decided to fill out the application and once they have the interview, and they have later been offered the job, that person still has a choice of whether they want to accept the job or not, once they accept-the employer must realize that the ball is still in their court.

Walk with me if you will; now this new associate has taken this opportunity to say yes to working for your company it is vital that you as the employer start investing in them from the beginning. So, how do you do that you ask? To full get your return on investment.

1. Training: To train or not to train that should never be the question. Why? Because if you have established an elite on-boarding program this will establish the framework for your new employees to feel as though you have taken the time out to invest in them from the beginning. This ultimately decreases the rate of turnover in the years to come, and you essentially have launched a walking billboard for your company. Employees become proud of where they work. They are becoming equip with the tools and resources necessary for them to do their jobs. So, what does this lead to…

2. Knowledge: Knowledge is power! When you have given your employees the right to learn you have provided them with the opportunity to want more from your company-ultimately creating a culture of innovation and creativity. Remember to invest in the “Why” people. Why is this good? Having a culture where people want to know more allows the employees to feel empowered, because open dialogue can be established. Which then leads to …

3. A Foundation of Transparent Communication: Transparent, open lines, diverse, open doors are all forms of communication, right? You now have an office environment that caters to those that long to work in teams as well as independently. This also stop the infamous “no call no show.” Why? Because employees feel as though can speak with their employer, or supervisors, or even the CEO, because the lines of communication are open on so many levels. Which then assist with attendance. Especially, if your company isn’t a company that can have employees work remotely, and it is imperative that your employees are at work physically then having a high attendance record is necessary for your company to thrive. So, promoting communications is necessary. Which then leads to…

A huge ROI within the company promoting loyal employees, happy employees, not to mention an open and transparent environment. Essentially, this phrase can benefit all that chose to utilize it the right way, when it comes to investment. What you put in is what you get back. While I have only provided a few tips that have worked for me I can assure you that once you apply it; no matter how big or small; it will essentially change the culture in your office as well as allow you, the employer, to keep your biggest asset, your employees around the office longer, because now you can start cultivating their career within the company, which ultimately you will have invested in a loyal employee willing to put in the time an effort in continuing to make your company flourish. Investments can be scary, but it can be worthwhile if you invest in the right people.

Disclaimer: be sure that when you have these loyal employees that you don’t forget about them when its time for promotions or raises its going to make a huge difference.

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