Hello Monday, here we are again! How I’ve missed you! Monday’s are the beginning to what many of us call; the beginning to our work week. I am sure many of us were planning for the work week over the weekend. The weekend is normally the time where you can’t, or try not to, reach out to your clients. Most of the time. So, the suspense on if they responded may kill some of us, figuratively speaking. Some of toll over if the email was sent in the right format? Did we say the right thing about that topic we were conversing about? Did they understand what you were saying when you threw that quick joke out there?

Who knows!!! I tend to send up a quick prayer prior to sending any email out; I don’t know that’s just my ritual. Below are a few rituals or routines that might assist you when it comes to starting your work week… even if the planning started late Friday evening.

1. Be Sure to Set a Reminder: It’s always good to check your emails, but don’t over do it- set a notification that will stop you from checking so much, that can become an absolute train wreck for your brain, and your body. Once it’s gone don’t stress about it anymore, be confident in what you sent, and know that returned email or not you can move on knowing you did your job.

2. Change It UP: GO fly the friendly skies and turn your phone on “airplane” mode sometimes. With one of my old phones I found that it would just turn itself on airplane mode, go figure!?! But it’s actually a loud me to get other things done because I wasn’t constantly checking my phone for updates.

3. Connect: Take time out to not just Facebook but have contact with your team face-to-face. Check on them. Find out what “quick wins” they have made, as well as, what they feel they have accomplished last week, last month, or even about a week prior. What they are going to work on today, even, or this week. That way you will have an idea on what you need hone in on, not to mention what has already been executed, or what may need to be fine-tuned. This small act will impact your day and/or majorly.

Rituals or routines are imperative for some to function. And if this is you the three little tips above will assist you in having highly forecasted Monday, because you can then forecast the rest of your work week. #IlovedMondays are here to stay so why not make it a planning type of day! #whatsyour PROJECT or ritual?

Happy Monday


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