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Three more Mondays left before your 2018 books officially will have to be closed. Are you truly open to evaluate your books, as well as, make any changes that may need to be done. Closing out the year should be looked at as a great thing. This will allow you to set yourself and/or your business up to launch yourself into the new year with clarity and momentum.

Take a look at the past 11-months, there have been ups and there have been downs. Either way, focus on the reasons you’ve made or missed your goals.

1. Assess the Possibilities: As a business owner or professional, this is the time you weigh the possibilities for what made you successful in getting to become a business owner/professional. All the way to what caused you heartache and stress this year. It is always important that you sit down with your trusted executive board or even those leaders that you trust in your business or industry and have them be brutally honest everything dealing with the past 11 months, or even prior to that; when they wished you would have said it back then. Think about doing it like a firing squad. Have them sit at a table and give them topics prior to the meeting so they will have prepared you sit across the table and take notes and listen. Stay away from giving your opinion; it is best to allow the firing squad to fire off and then you properly assess your possibilities for next year.

2. Lessons Learned: While this should be done throughout the year, it can be hard to actually do this, as far as accountability, but this step is necessary throughout the year, not just now, but if this is just becoming a topic of conversation, I seriously urge you to draw this up like yesterday, and set up pros and cons of the lessons you have learned preferably on a spreadsheet; it’s easier to look at.

3. Crucial Topics: It’s necessary to focus on the crucial topics that define your business or you in your industry, as well as, prioritizing the most essential task that must be completed within the next few days. So, here is the best thing that you can do to ensure that you don’t stress out and ensure that you properly delegate, delegate, delegate the task out to the proper channels. Nothing is worse than to be the person you gave the title to for a specific task and now you’re doing it all. But why? Because that person is now giving you the side-eye. Think about it if you were given a task and it was taken from you, would you truly know #whatyourPURPOSE is? No! So, take the stress off of you and make sure you delegate.

4. Put it to Action: #whatsyourPROJECT #whatsyourPURPOSE #whatsyourPASSION. The 3P’s is where you can truly figure out what where you stand at the end of the year. You have to put action to your plan. Time is essential when it comes to closing out your year, staying proactive in your affairs and planning from the past to set up your future.

Three Mondays left and it’s time to wrap up the year! Assess your future, talk about your lessons learned regarding the crucial topics defined in your business and/or industry as a business professional. It is now time to take action when closing your business books to ensure that you are set up for next year’s momentous year.




“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your passion your business.”

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