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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

October 10th, 2018 Hurricane Michael made landfall in Mexico Beach, Florida, they said that this storm was not a storm to play with, and it was strongly advised that all needed to evacuate. Hurricane Michael hit as a Category 4 Hurricane at 153 mph. Who survives that? Those that plan for the worst and hope for the best. As for me and mine we evacuated this time. I refused to go through what I went through with Hurricane Hermine, Eight days no electricity, not this time. “Second time around…”(what song is that-J)So again we evacuated, that was our plan. The last hurricane put a lot into perspective for us… one of those things being… to be without.

So, if you haven’t put somethings into perspective; this Hurricane may have assisted, but if not let me help you the best way I know how with some tips and insight as we start our favorite day of the week, MONDAY:

1. Do you know your PURPOSE: As Iyanla would say “I am here to help you do your work.” But what if you don’t have access to an Iyanla and the strongest thing that you have encountered to her is this storm, Hurricane Michael. In a situation such as this it may seem that you have no time to ask yourself this question, “what’s your purpose? Oh, but you do. During the process of preparation for the storm, there were things that you were preparing for that have lead you to this very moment. And if you don’t know by now, this would be the time to ask yourself; what am I GREAT at? What plans are meant for ME? Have I identified those plans so that I can execute the VISION? Like the vision for me during the hurricane was to evacuate. And again, we executed the vision.

2. Am I too- two-dimensional: Considering this behemoth of a storm; can you consider yourself to be a two -dimensional thinker or problem-solver? In crisis such as this one, can you step up to the plate to come up with an iota of an idea that will impact those that you know and serve positively? It may not be what everyone wants but should this be the case then you have stepped into a deeper realm that will lead you to no longer drawing within the lines but jumping outside of the lines in order to make those critical decisions necessary to keep your purpose a live.

3. Identify the Obvious: Sometimes the answers to the most obvious questions are not that deep, they sit right on the surface, and we tend to by pass them every day all day, because they aren’t as critical as we thought they were, but oh buddy when everything hits the fan, that was “IT” all along. It is natural for us, as humans, to feel that we have to go deeper than normal to identify the trend or the problem, when in all actuality all we have to do is look for the obvious. IT was obvious that the tropical storm we saw coming up from the Yucatan could and would do nothing, but strengthen as it followed “the loop current and the warm eddy system …sustain very high heat content in the water…” and this is why the hurricane intensified. Obvious, right? Not so much, but it was to Nick Shay an oceanographer with The University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marie and Atmospheric Science. All he did was identified the obvious.

Finding perspective can come in many ways. The tips above was just to get you started as you tackle this week. Hurricane Michael dealt the Panhandle a tremendous blow now how are you going to follow-up that encore? I suggest with something greater; like identifying your purpose and working in it. Happy Monday!!!



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”




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