It’s February and what better month to show our passion for whatever it is in this month. Passion can come at us in so many ways, but the way I’ am going to address today is based on finding our passion or passions. ALERT! Transparent moment about to occur, stand-by; when I was in fifth grade at Bear Creek Elementary School it was career day, but we were dress up based on what we wanted to be when we grew up. And I knew it right then and there that I wanted to be a lawyer, an entertainment lawyer at that; dealing with sports and entertainers. Because my conscience would not allow me to be a defense or prosecution attorney. I based my reason on knowing what I wanted to be on a few things; I was a good negotiator, problem-solver, and I was very analytical. I would have to thank my parents for talking to their kids about the world, our problems, and the solutions we would need to solve these problems (Thank you Shaun and Oscar Johnson III) Nevertheless, me attending law school has yet come to pass, go figure.

FAILURE! One would say I accomplished, because I didn’t go to law school, but I would say “au contraire mon ami,” (I listened a little in French) this wasn’t failure in the least, this was just the beginning of my journey to finding my passion or passions in life.

Like many others, we tend to have a talent for many “things,” so we dabble in different elements of that the “thing.” Never fully knowing what that “thing” is. As for me, I shied away from my “thing” for years; always overlooking the positions, and the things I was participating in. These things were only setting me up for the next step(s) in my life. And everything was always seeming to go so slow for me, but my path was already planned out, it was just up to me to actually listen to what “HE” the man up above was telling me, and to essentially do my part in being faithful and believing that “HE” would always guide my path, as long as I trusted. I think that it was only inevitable that my everyday life would turn into coaching, counseling, and mentoring others, because I came from a lineage of teachers, deans, and pastors. What I am doing now from being a consultant in my 8-5, and being coach and more in the capacity of the blog I see nothing, but success in the future. If you all haven’t noticed this post is something that I am passionate about because it falls in line with our 3P’s Philosophy:

Helping our clients work on their Projects In order to put their Passion to work to Fulfill their Purpose In the Conventional and Unconventional Worlds of Professionalism”

So, while coaching is a part of my passion, there is so much more I have to offer, and this is one of the reason why it is so essential to find your passion in what you love to do. So, how can loving Mondays put you on a path to finding your passion; it’s simple:

1. Reminisce: On your drive to work this Monday morning think about someone of the things that have ultimately brought you to this point, good or bad, what did you like? What did use to interest you? And you lost focus of that? which leads to taking...

2. Inventory: of your findings. The who, what, when, where, whys, and sometimes how. So that you can ensure that on this Monday you can write, re-write, or start a whole other book on your passion. It happens!

3. ID your Professional HERO: Think about this on every scale of the statement from someone that you know personally all the way to ***. No matter who you choose, don’t forget to add this to your inventory list. Me, for instance, my aunt Angelia of Angelia’s Hair Safari, she has sense scaled down her operation, but she is still going strong and handling that flat iron like a seasoned pro. I always loved the fact that every time I would show up for my hair appointments, as a child till when I graduated college, she was always so happy, and she was living her dream- she was free, she wrote her own checks. And while my aunt was my mom’s best friend I ended up having a best friend that did the same, and as time persisted I figured out that this passion they were living was becoming an entrepreneur, and I wanted that. I have never told them this but thank you both for being so influential in my life- you both are my professional heroes.

4. Jump: Now that I have jumped, even though it’s halfway, I encourage you to jump. Take that leap of faith and know that you got this. As Steve Harvey stated “if you truly want a life of peace and abundance… jump!... If you take a leap of faith, God will open your parachute and "give your life more abundantly. “Life is an incredible journey. It's not good enough to exist; you need to live. You need to JUMP--to take a leap of faith, a risk toward the rich life God has planned for you.”

Now, Say Hello to Monday and let’s step into February on a mission to find your passion.



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”




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