Promoting pride in the workplace should be just as loud as PRIDE MONTH is celebrated around the country. Promoting PRIDE is essential to fostering company culture, brand ambassadors, and loyal alumni (meaning even if they leave they feel supported from the company, as well as, if asked to come back for a company alumni luncheon etc. they support as well.)

When there is PRIDE booming around the office employees feel energy that they don’t want to take off. They feel so vested in the success of the company and its employees that they feel horrible when they take off. Morale even improves, and I dont know of any workplace that can do without a sense of morale in the air. Instilling PRIDE is only one part of the leadership equation for executing the culture needed in the workplace.

Below are a few tips on how to take PRIDE in your work (#whatsyourPASSION):

1. It’s Got Your Name on It: In all that we do or you do- we/you should always take PRIDE in the fact that our/your name is on your work. At this point in life we should all look at some basic facts if your cant say there’s “A billion dollars on the elevator,” (thanks Beyonce’ for these lyrics) then you should work towards taking a huge sense of PRIDE in our work - she does and so does her husband. When you stamp it with your name on it - it’s all you.

2. Building your Reputation: Be open to sharing the immense knowledge you have. Look at it this way you’re planning for your future, a promotion, or opening your own business. At this point sharing your knowledge is making everyone look good, as well as building a session plan. Be sure to listen. When communicating listening is a huge part of building your reputation. Talking too much during a conversation no matter how small can make you look like you aren’t “listening.” You will add a plethora of value to your reputation when you ask when and where you can help. It sounds so simple, however, the simplest things can be the hardest. People who give their time.

3. Embrace your Role: So, question. Did you apply for this position? Did you openly accept the job description, and what went along with the job? If you answered yes to those simple questions then take PRIDE in embracing your role. Be confident in that fact that you were chosen for the job, and you had an opportunity to accept the position, it was all in your hands, not the employer. Once you accepted the position you took on the role, and you should embrace your duties.

4. Developing your skills: Staying up on your industry. Taking on challenges at work. Look for a mentorn or be a mentor. Work on developing and cultivating relationships in other departments.Looks for other learning opportunities at work and away from work.


5. Be True to YOU!:  Don’t forget about yourself and the desires of your passion. Take on every opportunity that is presented to you, however, be honest if you need guidance. Work towards your passion, project, and purpose. Take PRIDE in who you are, and never forget.



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”

#whatsyourPASSION #whatsyourPURPOSE #whatsyourPROJECT

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