New Beginnings 2019!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially the beginning of the New Year, and instead of making resolutions what you should be doing? You should start making commitments. Last year while talking to my new team, at my 7:30-4:30, 8:00-4:30. Or 8 til whenever I feel all issues, projects, and additional plans have been handled as much as I can for that day; I then hit “alt + ctrl+ del’, on my computer and walk out of my office. I advised my new team of the expectations I had for them for the upcoming year:







...But this was just to name a few.

Commitment seemed to keep popping back up to remind my team (keeping in mind that I am no longer managing associates, but it has shifted to managing managers.) I needed my managers to understand that breaking commitments or not being fully committed could cause for a torrential downfall in their relationships with their team. Many of you may be reading and saying you understand, but do you fully? In every industry, we have to be committed to something, so I ask you what good is a resolution cause we seldom follow through on them, but commitments is like a true “my word is my bond,” type of statement.

So, let's truly make this year a virtuous year in business and commit to something. Below you will find a few suggestions on what you can commit to:

1. Refocus

Refocus the commitment you first made to yourself when you started your business, or accepted that new job. You should never be satisfied with the goals you have already achieved. No doubt about it - it’s great that you have achieved those goals, but what’s next?

2. Consistency

Commit yourself to working endlessly without ceasing, sounds like something you would hear in church from a scripture. Well why not commit yourself to working tirelessly on your goals. It gets hard sometimes when you are working so hard and at times you see others achieving their goals faster, or so it seems, never define yourself based on what you see others doing. Stay the course be flexible be patient and all your hard work, dedication, and commitment will pay off, but consistency is the key.

3. Stay Passionate

You are working in your purpose or even your gift. Now you have to stay passionate about this. Passion is like that feeling you get when you first fall in love. The desire you have to want to look into their eyes every night before going to bed, and the voice you want to hear calling you to come to breakfast, the smile you want to see every day you come home from work. But it is also that same desire that can cause you to retreat when things aren't going your way, to roll your eyes when they say something you despise, or for that matter forget to bring home the right food. Uggh! But the point is you would change the feeling for anything in the world. Remember when passion is present what comes from it is nothing but success.

4. Balance your beam

You can’t do everything. And although many professionals find themselves taking on every project and trying to handle everything. YOU CANNOT! So, stop trying. Delegation is necessary, and if it wasn’t there would be no such thing as team. Why put a bomb team together like the TPP Team and then not fully utilize them that’s crazy? I recommend getting a project management app like Trello, which is ahmazing to delegate your task fully. Thanks Joel Spolsky. Once you do that you can fully balance on your beam.

5. You DON’T know it ALL

So, let’s commit to keeping that open-door policy, and actually be open to feedback. Feedback can come at you from all angels, and the great part about feedback is that when it conveyed to you in a professional way normally that means the person giving you this feedback respects you and the position you’re in. And what i mean by position is not just because of your title, but they understand that you want the team and individuals to be successful, and they want to assist in making sure that happens. And let’s not forget the mentors that guided down our path to get where we are now. It may not be much, or may feel as though you still have so far to go, but remember everyone needs guidance because where we would be without our parents, our track coaches, cheer coaches, the teachers that saw the potential we had? I am just saying!

2019 I am so excited about it! While we have made out to do list for the year it is truly necessary that we make sure that we commit ourselves to it!

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