More Storage Please!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Welcome back again! So, to pick off from last week, cloud storage is an amazing and reliable tool that work great for reserving data. But which one do you pick! There is a plethora of different cloud storage available for personal or professional use and many of them give a great amount of space to store for FREE! The top 5 are listed below along with helpful information.

The number 1 cloud storage recommended according to Computer Business Review(CBR) and TechRadar is Dropbox! Dropbox is one of the oldest cloud storage providers in the market. They offer free user account that have 2GB of free storage. If you are looking for something with more storage they also offer 1TB for $10 a month and 2TB for $19.99 a month. Those prices given are for the basic single users but Dropbox also offers team memberships starting with the Standard package ($12.50 a month per user), Advanced package ($20 a month per user) and an Enterprise package (must call for pricing).

The other competitors are listed below by rank, provider name, single user information and more plans available to purchase:

#2 Google Drive Gets 15GB free 100 GB = $1.99 a month

200 GB = $2.99 a month

2 TB = $9.99 a month

10 TB = $99.99 a month

#3 Mega 50 GB Free 200 GB = $6 a month

1 TB = $12 a month

4 TB = $23 a month

8 TB = $35 a month

#4 OneDrive 5 GB Free 50GB = $3 a month

1 TB = $8 a month

5 TB = $11 a month

#5 iCloud 5 GB Free 50GB = $0.99 a month

200GB = $2.99 a month

2 TB = $9.99 a month

Now that you have a list of storage options but sure to pick the right one for your needs. If you are just using the storage for general use then a free account would be great but if it is for business a paid account would be best for security for purposes but that is just my great opinion! But until next week!









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