Mind Yours and be Careful of the Tea

The first step to having a great day, week, month, or year at the workplace in general: MIND YA BUSINESS.

Hello everyone, KC here. Have you ever heard the phrase, “mind the business that pays you?”


Well now you have!

Long explanation short, that phrase basically means mind your business, in every aspect. And since this blog is about tips and tricks for the conventional and UNCONVENTIONAL, lets look at it from the workplace P.O.V.

If you are a sales associate, you are paid to check-out customers, answer customer questions, put away inventory, etc etc etc.

If you are an analyst for the government, you are paid to analyze.

If you are a hairstylist, you are paid to style hair.

What they do not pay you for is worrying about why Terry has called out for 3rd time this month, why John wore the same pants twice this week, or what Jackie and Roxanne are talking about in Jackie’s office.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t observe. It’s what we as humans naturally do. We are going to note things that are odd, obtuse, or out of place.

What I am saying is, if it doesn’t involve you, your workload, or your check…. Mind ya business.

And usually, those that don’t mind their business or stay in their lane tend to be gossipers. (We all know the office gossiper. In everybody’s business but their own and 75% of the time the tea they are spilling is wrong... smh)

I know I know… office gossip happens and at some point we all have been right in the mix of the tea.

But let’s be honest, office gossip just makes the workplace, messy.

According to Medium.com, office gossip destroys the workplace in 4 ways.

1. Destroys trust

2. Hurt feelings

3. Undermines credibility

4. Brings down office morale

On top of that, getting caught in the middle of office gossip can lead you to being confronted, ostracized or seen as a trouble-maker. And, you can find yourself in HR’s office quick with a warning, write-up, or worse… standing in the unemployment line.

So, what if someone, “brings you a bone?” As my mother would say. You can decline the information being told to you or you can listen and put it in “File 15” aka “not important.” It’s not work related nor is it pertinent to your position description.

Look, we all love a good cup of tea; however, when it comes to the workplace, there is no need for unnecessary drama or potential drama simply because you or another coworker just wouldn’t or couldn’t mind your business?

This is just my opinion though. 😉

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