Marching Into Your Purpose

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Purpose!?! What exactly is it? Is “IT” that thing that you just know you’re supposed to be destined to do? Or is “IT” that thing that you search for - for the rest of your life?


Transparent moment about to happen... Standby for the transmission. My last year in college I was struggling with what God actually wanted me to do. I couldn’t quite understand what my true purpose was in life, and I was getting immensely aggravated, because I wasn’t understanding why everything was seeming to fall in place for everyone else around me. I was STUCK, as well as, unsure if I was going to ever figure it out. Was it too late to start figuring it out?

Everyday I think, I hear, and talk more and more about purpose in business. Its what we do. And how we do it. We, as humans, genuinely admire those businesses with integrity in their purpose. Or people that have found their purpose. Integrity is everything! Think about Tom’s Shoes. TOMS Shoes, which is short for “Tomorrow’s Shoes; Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS showcased his integrity through his mission of providing impoverished children without shoes with shoes, due to children in Argentina are/were required to wear shoes to school in order to attend. That’s integrity at its finest, along with marching into his purpose figuratively and literally.

So, I ask what is your PURPOSE? And how are you going to MARCH into this month, working on identifying your purpose? Below are a few suggestions on how to get started.

1. Make a List of “Who” “What,” and “Why?: "We all talk about to-do-list but it’s necessary that we make a list to ask ourselves, for instance:

● What am I good at?

● What hard and soft skills do I have?

● How do I apply my past business and personal life experiences to what I want to love to do?

● Who am I?

● Why do I want to do what I do?

● What do people say about me?

● What am I good at?

2. Put Your Firing Squad together: This squad should consist of people you trust, as well as, people who tell you the truth without any remorse, however, these people have your best interest at heart. When you have put your firing squad together, and be sure that you advise them to stay engaged, and the rules of the exercise prior to starting. There should be key questions that you ask them to tell you the truth.

Key Questions:

1. What would your 10-year old self tell you to do today? This question is meant to take you to a nostalgic place, where there are no expectations, however, there are mounds of promise at your fingertips.

2. When do you forget to eat? I have found myself doing this on numerous occasions, and had no idea what was driving me to do this, but I knew I didn’t want to stop, because the process felt so good. This question meant to put you in a state mind that makes you feel, just like this “good” or “ahmazing,” which is what and how we spell it, because it’s a unique feeling, and better than just “amazing.”

3. What or you will sacrifice or struggle for? When you finish something you normally have a sense of fulfillment. And this is how you should feel after you have struggled, good or bad, to sacrifice for what you wanted. Failure is inevitable, but remember “failure is a delay not a defeat.”

4. What problem are you trying to solve? Thank God for my parents, and the foundation that was set up around me, form my community, to my coaches, to my church family this all set me up to be where I am today. I still have a long way to go, however, I have found it, and there is so much more to come. But I was never asked what do I want to be; I was asked what are your plans? And with those plans what are you going to do? And once you have made those plans is your blueprint complete or do you have more work to do? Again this is probably the hardest question, however, it’s worth it. You stay engaged because the road you take to get there seems to be full of potential.

Marching into your Purpose in March is not only a play on words, however, it is necessary that we march into our PURPOSE this month, like the incomparable Marching 100 does at every single performance driving there toes into the soil to ensure every move and sequence is top-notch. Yes, we may FAIL, however, this is the “First Attempt In Learning!” When we are searching for our purpose we will all have a/to struggle, we will sacrifice, however, through the process we can only prevail. So, today is Monday and you will slay, as you walk into your PURPOSE today!



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”




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