Managing Yourself

I hear many different perspectives of how leaders feel about managing. The one thing that’s consistent about leadership (management) is there is always room for growth. Growth allows you to manage your team more effectively, which flows into your full job of managing yourself. If you nail this aspect of leadership, this may allow you to start your day and week off on the best foot ever.

We all get caught up in the whirlwind(s) of the day; task, work assignments, personnel issues, etc. Think about it, one of the biggest things we do as humans is to worry. Worrying is something were not supposed to do, well at least that’s what we were advised in the church, and while I try my hardest to leave worriation at the altar; it is a hard feat to achieve. So, take it to “the altar…”

If you’re a business owner, an upcoming member of leadership in your company, or a current senior member of leadership it is imperative that you keep learning or keep swimming like Dory says.

When developing your team it’s necessary that you participate in different courses with your team, and other times alone, however, with other members of leadership. These course(s) will teach you obvious skills for managing others-communication as well valuable lessons on teamwork.

But seriously, when you learn to manage yourself effectively, you can only expect your team to follow. However, if for some reason you haven’t mastered that trait yet; you can’t expect your team do the same. So, below are a few tips to assist you in starting your Monday off the right way.:

1. Put Forth the Effort: You can’t expect efficiency from your team if you aren’t willing to put forth the effort yourself. Prioritizing, organizing, and time management is essential. To be effective you need to be ruthless with your time. Being fully transparent I strongly dislike “procrastination.” I feel as though it is life’s biggest time waster. We don’t get any of those seconds back that we have each day. UTILIZE them! I like to look at leadership in some aspects of it as being a producer or a director, working behind the scenes, which I love it. No one sees it but it’s essential to the growth and maintenance of the team at large.

2. Be Mentally Equipped: Working hard or putting forth the effort means you will always be busy, and it can take a lot of energy. Ask yourself how many times have you skipped lunch to finish a task? Or didn’t go to the restroom because you were helping someone with their personal and professional issues. Your mental health is just as important as your teams health. Once you start recognizing that you can’t control or change something- you have to accept it. For your mental resolve, being mentally equipped allows you to adapt to your element.

3. The Best Policy….: Most people are often taught to be upstanding starting at an early age. For instance, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” Stating how you feel, professionally, won’t kill your professional career. Being honest as a leader is essential for the buy-in of your team and the vision and mission you have laid out for them. Don’t sacrifice you or your businesses integrity by not living by this policy. It may not be easy at times, especially when you have to give bad news, however your team will continue to trust you because you were honest.

4. Where’s the PASSION: To do anything you have to have the passion for it. Or is that wrong? Ok, so I am right? Passion is essentially what drives you achieve your dreams and hopes. And if you’re unsure always start your day with this question; “Is this really what I want to do?” Focus on finding the pleasure in your career and in your life (professionally and personally).

Balance is always necessary in a chaotic world recognizing and celebrating your LITTLE and big victories will guide on your path of appreciating your growth. Balance in this context is not about work-life it’s about learning to pin-point the times when you have to be serious and when you need to find humor in most situations. You might actually realize that you’ve enjoyed yourself the whole time.

Guess what it’s Monday and managing yourself is as hard as you thought it just take you realizing what it takes to do just that.



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”




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