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Welcome to: In My Opinion with KC. This is a bit of a flashback for me. My first job in college was working at my university’s student run newspaper, for the opinions section. I had a blast writing and eventually becoming the editor for opinions. So, this segment on the blog has a special place in my heart.

*Please note, this is called “in my opinion” for a reason, you do not have to agree with me. But, I do look forward to discussions we’ll have on the various topics I write about.


This month’s theme is “Labor of Love” or “Labour of Love” for our UK folks (I see you). So, I decided to write about a topic that many people deal with every day, when they wake up for work.

Learning to love what you do.

Easier said than done. Many of us work 8-5 for a paycheck. It’s a job, not a career, just a job. We all have bills to pay. *Cue Destiny's Child*

According to CBS’ Money Watch, a Gallup study (you can see that study when you click the link) shows that, “of the country’s approximately 100 million full-time employees, 51 percent aren’t engaged at work -- meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs, and thus they tend to do the bare minimum. Another 16 percent are ‘actively disengaged’ -- they resent their jobs, tend to gripe to co-workers and drag down office morale as a result. These proverbial Debbie Downers are disgruntled about the direction of their companies, feel their needs aren’t being met at work and don’t fully understand what’s expected of them.”

On top of that, many of us aren’t even in the field we went to school for, (more on that at a later date), but we get the job done. The purpose of going to school is to get a degree in a field you want a career in. That’s not always the case and we end up in jobs that we may not even like, but based on the current job climate, you do what you have to do. (Where’s Tommy Pickles when you need him with that screw driver).

And because of that, you wake up, contemplate your life’s choices, debate how bad it would be if you just quit right then and there, and then you get up and get ready for work, because bills are a thing.

For example, I used to work in retail. There were some days I would say a prayer before I even clocked in because I didn’t really like what I did, all the time.

#praying #whatsyourPROJECT #InMyOpinionwKC
Dear God, Please don't let these people try me today. Amen't. #trythelord #notme

Don’t get me wrong… The pay was great… Once I left one retail store for another one. But, not having weekends or holidays to myself, or a consistent schedule was hard some days. Especially, since I was also in college at the time. You want to go home after class, not work 3-close and deal with difficult customers or coworkers who made your job harder than it should have been. And don't even get me started on Black Friday. What Thanksgiving?

#mall #whatsyourPROJECT #InMyOpinionwKC
Add way more people, a sprinkle of Law Enforcement, and zero patience. Boom. #BlackFriday

But, what really stops us from looking at our current situations in a different perspective. It doesn’t have to be this huge production; however, it has to mean something to you. Let’s say, you work in some form of customer service, maybe getting to know your clients or finding that one client you just mesh with (one of my clients made me pound cake all the time... It was amazing). Or you work in an office where you have your own door, you can close it and lock on lunch breaks. It’s the little things.

I learned that I had to find the things that made me enjoy going to work. Otherwise, I’d end up miserable and depressed. I found, for me, getting to know my clients, the cool seminars and visits from vendor reps, and yes, the gratis (aka free stuff) made coming to work a little bit easier. Not to mention, I made some life long friends from my old job. We would work long shifts and go out for dinner and drinks right after our shifts were over. Detox from standing on our feet for over 6 hours, dealing with petty customers/coworkers etc. You know the usual retail stuff.

This article definitely can piggy back off KayJay’s “I Love Mondays” post. Everybody hates Mondays. But you have to find that #MondayMotivation, right? Then if you find that #MondayMotivation, carry it with you to Tuesday all the way until Friday. Or change up your motivation throughout the week.

Again, it’s all about enjoying the little things… Even at work.

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