It Can Be Scary

This month should bring crisp air and fall leaves. Everyone making plans for the upcoming holidays. People getting ready to start wearing warmer clothes, and then hearing your co-workers talk about “pumpkin spice frappe’,” which is a spice that I would never want to taste. I mean who would it’s pumpkin. Now that’s scary!

But truthfully speaking October can be extra scary for some, according to The October Effect is when stocks tend to decline during this month. Or even the beginning of States financial 12-month fiscal year. This whole situation can make us feel like were walking down the streets of Universal Studios during Halloween Horror night, as you stand at the gate and watch horrifying clowns walk towards the gates, while you and the rest of the guest wait for the gates to be opened, Fear sets in, but this is all fake, right? According to psychology.comFear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic, and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. ... An irrational fear is called a phobia.”

And this is what normally triggers some of us to hate Monday’s. So what tactics can you use to induce happiness instead.

1. Slap on a label on a negative thought.: Like frustration, sadness, and doubt. We label everything in life, so why not our negative feelings, because once you address the negative feelings it allows you to stop your anguish.

2. Appreciate the small things in life: Sometimes the bigger picture can be frightening. Think about that coffee mug your husband brought you last month, and it said exactly what you needed it to say, “Girl Boss!” Or when your wife brought you – your favorite jersey and left it on the bed. Or even linger on a past trip that you had the best time on. Your happiness meter will increase miraculously.

3. Change Your Desktop Picture: Take a mini break and just look at the picture on your desktop. Ask yourself what it reminds you of; good times, serenity. Because who would put a Michael Myers on their desktop. A photo can take away a lot of stress.

4. Take time to appreciate yourself.: #whatsyourPROJECT. What is at least one thing you have accomplished well today. Or even an honest talk with a colleague that ended well. Drawing your attention to your strengths will lift your spirits.

5. Take a Deep Breath: Ever look at your FitBit watch and see when it tells you “you need to breath,” and it counts you down “30…29…28… all the way to …1.” You are activating your rest-and-restore mode.

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