Interview Like A PRO: Part 4

The day is here! And the candidates will be arriving shortly. You and while they have your panel sitting in the room; you ran to grab some additional pens for the panel, just in case they need them. Plenty of nerves are going on; the candidates will probably be nervous, and they will try their hardest not to show it, and so will you, especially since this is first solo ride EVER!

With this being your first time you want to ensure that you make a good impression on your panel, as well as, allowing the interviewee to feel at ease, so if your just a nervous as the candidate that enters the room, this may not go as planned. So, below are some tips to make you look and feel like a pro during and after the interview process.

Responsibility of The interviewer(s):

  • Provide panel with selection criteria

  • Follow the same procedure for each candidate

  • Be sure to bring the candidate into the room, or have a designated person to escort them in, you /or have the panel introduce themselves, put the applicant at ease, explain the process, and you ask the first question.

  • Don’t allow any inappropriate questions.

  • Try as hard as possible to stick to the schedule.

  • Close the Interview

  • Discuss candidates based on criteria provided. And make a selection.

This has been your Tipsy Tuesday we hope you didn’t drink all that too fast. 😉

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