Innovation!... Can't Stop... Won't Stop!

Before I get started with the Tech Talk Thursday, I would like to say congrats to everyone that took the time to exercise your right to vote! Also, congratulations to the newly elected representatives and the candidates that participated in the election that didn’t obtain a position.

Just as those individuals voted for who they would like to have an office, there was an outcome of one winner which is inevitable! Although the person that they may have voted for didn't get chosen, this person will remain in office until there term is complete (of course unless something terribly happens) therefore this newly elected individual will start making the changes that they see fit necessary.

Well the same thing happens for technology. As I discussed before in a previous article, technology has really grown throughout the years. We've gone from pagers to iPhones, paper punch cards to electrical clock-in terminals, and from the use of just cash to debit cards. As a matter of fact, I just had an experience with Khia Thomas, the founder and CEO of The Professional Project Blog, dealing with banking. When walking into a bank, usually greeted by a person behind the counter waiting to assist you with your transaction… but that isn’t what happened during our visit. When I walked in you saw ATMs in the center of the room but the ATMs had a built-in camera with a large touchscreen. By entering your debit card with along with verifying information, in a matter minutes you were connected with an agent over voice and video to assist your needs.

Although some may not like the change… some changes are just inevitable. All practices of technology may not be adopted but there are some that just will have to! Just to elaborate a little more on inevitability, there was an article a while ago on how Apple upgraded their iOS which in turn caused performance issues “without telling you that the battery is the culprit.” When this issue took place apple didn’t downgrade, they kept the existing upgrade and just “patched” it up along the way for the new phones (innovative technology) that was to come.

It is very clear that technology is here to stay and change is definitely on the way! With the improvements taking place, we are in a technology-driven world that forces us to use technology.

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