Fear of Doing…

Every day brings new trials and with every new trial is a new solution. But that isn’t how everyone looks at this. I have heard people say to me “I can’t make what their asking me to do!” “I don’t think I am doing enough “I am not being productive.” And then I turn into counselor, negotiator, and even mommy mode at that point.

The theme of the day is normally FEAR of FAILURE. Always wanting to be perfect, but is there really a perfect? In my eyes there is never a perfect, but is there a perfect you? Of course. So, we find the opportunity that provides us with these feelings and exploit them in order to….

1. Identify the problem: Think about what has influenced the feelings that you have manifested that has caused you to get to this place. Was it a pass experience that made you feel that you could “never mess up.” And even if this occurred when you were a child, we tend to carry that feeling into our adulthood. Once that experience is identified it allows you to start the process. The process of overcoming your fear of doing.

2. Free Your Mind: “…And the rest will follow!” (Thank you EnVogue for those lyrics) And to be honest they were right! If you don’t free yourself of that thought or that process that is making you Fear this action, not being perfect, you may find yourself in an ambulance. Stress can be a silent killer, or should I say “IS” a silent killer.

According to TopMastersinHealthcareAdminstration.com “Stress is the body and mind’s reaction to new situations and problems. The body turns up the metabolism with a burst of energy and then braces to react. The mind becomes focused and vigilant.” You must now become vigilant in “freeing your mind” repeat an affirmation, sing a song, drink some of your favorite coffee. Be Proactive try not to put your self in a situation that causes you stress.

3. Perspective is Reality: I try to remind people that when dealing with people, we all have different views that’s what makes the world and culture for that matter so amazing. What we all must remember is that “perspective (perception) is our/someone’s reality. So, remind yourself that we/you must change our/your perception when dealing with FEAR. Tell yourself that failure is the key to success. If you never fail, you never learn, therefore you never GROW!

4. Growth: When you start taking on the fear head on, you start growing. We have a mental picture of what our failure looks like, and many of us have it on repeat, kind of like the movie “Groundhog Day.” Our personal growth of becoming more self-aware of what triggers our fears.

5. Shake Hands with FEAR: Let FEAR know that you acknowledge “IT” and to be honest you see “IT” but you ant be following “IT” down the sewer drain. Because you realize that -that will only pull you into to a state of depression and despair. And that is not allowed! So, shake “IT’s” hand only to escort “IT” into the swampy ibis that “IT” came from. At this point you have pretty much defeated FEAR.

6. What’s Your Purpose: In this moment of FEAR, ask yourself “what’s your purpose? Don’t ask why you were put in this situation? Ask “what can you learn from this situation? And “how can you implement this in your life? “What’s the purpose of this situation now? Instead of fearing what you think may make you less perfect, embrace what us going to make you better.

7. Find your Passion and image your future: Through asking yourself those few questions in what’s your purpose. You have essentially mapped out your future – at least the next step for this situation. Who doesn’t want the map to their future. So, don’t fear being imperfect embrace it.

We all have a set of fears that can make us or break us, but do you allow that fear to engulf your “Now,” just to hinder your “future.” Or do you embrace the opportunity and allow yourself to embrace how imperfect you are, which can ultimately lead you to an “Ah-Huh” moment where you realize your passion. Stop saying you can’t and focus on your bubble and what you have control over.

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