(I would like to thank one of very close friends for inspiring this post. Thank Kyra!)

Do you remember the first time you fell in love for the 50th time! Yes, let’s not forget when we were young and in love so many times. Considering how picky I was I didn’t fall in this category- crazy part is I barely crushed a lot (go figure)! Now, back to this feeling you ever had that feeling of excitement and at the same time fear, wrapped around enticement, and optimism. The feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you feel as though you can’t eat anything because you are anticipating something so extraordinary to happen in a matter of minutes and then…BOOM! It does!


What a feeling if Mondays felt this way all the time, but why can’t Monday feel that way? The answer is it can. And all it takes is you to Fall in love with Mondays every time it rolls back around. What are some of the signs to look for when falling in love with Mondays?

1. Your feelings intensify: You have always seen this day, but you were always confused on how to approach this day. Monday has always had a reputation for being moody, unstable, and stubborn, but you finally decided to take a chance on falling, so you approached Monday different this time around. According to an article in LiveScience it was stated that “ Central dopamine may be responsible for this reaction, too, because research shows that when a reward is delayed, dopamine-producing

neurons in the mid-brain region become more productive.”

2. You Start planning for the future: Normally, when you fall in love you automatically start thinking about the future, no matter how old. And when you first met Monday and decided to try out Monday on a few dates, that you began to plan a lot of your most important appointments on this day because it meant just that much to you, to spend time with Monday more often. Which then turned into you planning even further out with Monday popping up on the calendar more often than even Friday. (insert popping up emoji eyes)

3. Possessiveness: When you have identified that Monday is now your true love interest you will normally start feeling a since of possessiveness to where you may want to try to cram everything into Monday, there are only a certain amount of hours in the day, so remind yourself that there are other days of the week, but Monday is now truly your favorite day.

4. Don’t lose the Spark: Remind yourself that loving Mondays is not a phase, and make sure that you keep the fire burning. Try new things in your relationship. Make sure that you don’t fizzle out to a sparkler like the one you hold during fourth of July festivities, as you spell out “I have fallen in Love with MONDAY’s!” Keep the flame burning like an eternal flame. Because once the flame is out you may be unable to rekindle the flam again.

Fallen in love can feel so good if you identify the signs. While there are so many more to look out for, use these as your starting point. And considering that it is November now- its going to feel really good to fall in love while the leaves fall, and the crisp air passes through your hair, or even as you receive that huge hug from your significant other that makes you feel warm all over. Mondays can make you feel the same way. How you ask? Allow Monday in and give it a chance to change your mindset about starting your week, month, or year! And remember falling in love feels good so why lose that feeling!

Enjoy your Monday!





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