Updated: Apr 9, 2019

It’s Monday and were at it again! So, I have a question what does “everything” mean to you? How would you define “everything?” To be honest this was hard for me. To the point that I wrote this whole post and had to come back to this portion at the end. (it’s odd-because it’s hard to define). But who wouldn’t want to start their Monday off by being advised what means everything to their leaders, and the part that they play. Now that’s a hell of a way to start your week off.

My inspiration for today’s “I love Monday’s” was inspired by the song “Everything” by Ella Mai and John Legend, my favorite verse in the song “love the way you pay attention…” Attention can be a blessing and curse, all at the same time! Here’s a few questions Io have for you all: how do you, as an employer, pay attention to your associates? How do you believe an associate should pay attention? And are you paying attention the right way?

Below I have a few tips, or insight on how to pay attention, and let your associates know that you are paying attention the right way.

1. Be Intentional: In every conversation, in every email, in every project given. Be intentional! Just like TGreen stated “…Intentional.” As a leader we must realize that we invest in our associates, and they in turn invest their time and loyalty to the company. When our moves are intentional, our associates feel valued and appreciated. Our associates can not find their purpose (#whatsyourPURPOSE)

When you, as the leader, decide to make moves for on behalf of an associate, you need to let them know what and why you are doing it. And the intent should always be to see them be successful. Move them into situations where they can be seen, or where their talents can be acknowledged.

2. Show “Them” they are needed: Now that they know their value. Make is make sense. The value is normally generated from a need or a want. I heard not too long ago during a stand-up from an associate; “So why do we do this portion of the job. I don’t see how we’re impacting anyone.” After hearing that we leaped in to explaining the “why” of this job duty. And at that point you could see that he understood that he made a difference and it wasn’t just busy work.

Another food for thought would be to remember that hearing from leadership is great, but sometimes allow the team to recognize one another, it can pack a powerful punch.

3. Drive Engagement: We should already know – that as leaders our associates pay very close attention to what we do. How we act. Or even how we respond to certain situations. So, how does this drive engagement? Simple, as humans we tend to thrive off what occurs in situations, so, if you’re positive, or optimistic in situations your team will tend to become the same way. This helps when you present a project to them or a morale boosting idea they tend to want to be a part of the idea, which leads to other things…like “Ah huh” Moments or even salutations to other problems. This becomes somewhat of a think tank.

4. E.I. (Emotional Intelligence): Includes if not “everything,” almost “everything": self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and people skills. EI, when first presented to me showed me that the tools and resources that I was using I was heading down the right path. It doesn’t take much to implement these attributes, but it does take you as a leader to be willing to utilize them. Investing in EI can make a world of difference to a business bottom line. Because bottom line without our associates there is no business, and there is no you. Unless you’re one man or woman show!

“Everything” in this context of the word should show that you are paying attention to what your associates are doing; not just negative or unfavorable, but positive and favorable. Pay attention to the small things so your associates are excited about work, because they know the “why.” Not to mention paying attention yourself and your self-awareness and the concept you have of motivating the masses. Monday(#IloveMondays) can be ah-mazing day and start to your week if you implement the right “everything(s)” for everyone to make the workplace better.

Happy Monday!



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