Don’t Trash It, Recycle!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Hi There!

I hope that you were able to spend Christmas with ones that you love and care for! I know there were probably a lot of great gifts given and delightful food to eat!

As I mentioned before, electronics are usually the number one gift on the list to give a young child or even an adult with. But what do you do with that old computer that no longer powers up or that phone that is out of date? Most individuals just throw electronics in the trash. This may be convenient but not smart. The dangers associated with just throwing away your electronics consist of environmental hazards, toxin exposure, violation of the law and much more(AZCentral). So, lets take these simple steps to help recycle electronics according to Consumer Reports:

1. Bring electronics to the Recycler: Some cities host collection days for electronics. Check with your local city hall for information

2. Donate it: If your electronic is in great working condition, non-profits and local community organizations can benefit from old electronics. A great website source that you can use is or you can check with your local community programs.

3. Take the electronic to a tech firm: Some manufactures allow customers to recycle old electronics and possibly qualify for cash back.

Next time we get an electronic and we need to discard the old one, take a minute to think of these steps that can help our environment and may even put some money into your pockets.

This is the last Thursday of the year! With that being said, Happy New Year and lets make 2019 count!









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