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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

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So, last week we started talking about the holiday season and the scams to focus on! I thought it would only be proper to continue that conversations because some (like myself) are STILL not done with getting everything needed for Christmas!

While we must be careful and avoid email scams, I think it is just as important to watch out for the theft that we don’t really even think about until it is too late.

Here’s a short example…

Let's just say that you're out and about one day and you realized that you need to hurry up an order your daughter's favorite gift before the sale ends. You take out your phone and you notice that you do not have any connections to the internet. Of course, wanting to save your Mobile Data (because it is super expensive when you go over the limit) you decide to connect to the local Wi-Fi. You hurry and click through the Wi-Fi disclaimer your cellular provider put in place to warn you, connect to the site, input your information and BOOM! You have successfully saved Christmas and on your way to the next thing to accomplish on your list!

You may be asking “Well what was wrong with that story”? Nothing… until you notice you are missing a large amount of money from your checking account saying that you made a debt transfer. Although you were on your personal device and didn't click any promotional emails, however, you did connect 2 Wi-Fi that was unsecured network.

“Making purchases online requires personal information that could include bank account and retailer login credentials” (Norton). Viewing or utilizing any secure data while connected to a secured or unsecure network can not only put you at risk to have your account information stolen but Malware (look back to last week’s Tech Thursday to see more on Malware) can also be distributed through your phone. Depending on where you have your shared accounts (such as Facebook, Gmail, Banking, etc.) connected to or to automatically log in, that Malware can connect to those other devices as well.

Remember, as I stated before, all it takes one bad connection to turn a holly jolly Christmas into a catastrophic, horrible incident. Be careful and use caution.

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