In any line of work, you should want to learn your personnel and be genuine when doing so.

Well here we are and today is Monday, and it’s time for us to find some new ways to make Monday great! The we work with people no matter what the capacity we find that everyone has their own language.

For instance, I have found that I can say the same thing to two people in the same room, and one will get exactly what I am saying, and the other will either be lost, or take offense to what they were asked to do. At times it can become frustrating having to accommodate different communication styles, because, just like me, you knew exactly what you meant when you said it. However, we all have to remember that we have our own style as well.

According to TribelHR there are four types of communication profiles, and we all fit into one of them.


1. The Relator: A harmonious person in the workplace. Relator’s are best in an environment with people that are well-trained and can work independently.

2. Socializer: Socializers love people , and while they love people they quick and direct. This type of person should start off managing interns or entry -level associates. Their management style allows the associates to start off in a friendly environment. Your return on investment will increase, as your associates tend to stay longer, due to the socialier engaging in a more coaching atmosphere.

3. Analyzer: Analyzers are the “thinkers” they tend to want to work in independent environments. Their management style is more like the realtor. Analyzers tend to set the pace.The analyzer works best on the sale floor leading the sales team. They benefit from a manager with strong analytical skills to assist with solving problems.

4. Director: Directors work well in a fast paced environment, like a newsroom. A director's style is very clear, concise and well directed. Directive management would best describe this person.

Do any of the communications profiles above remind you of anyone you know? Well if it does take some inventory see where you fall in this dynamic, so you can improve your communication with any of these profiles, or4 even yourself. It’s good to know what you are dealing with. Understanding how others communicate is essential to getting the job done, and enjoying your Monday!



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”

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