I have an issue when I am told one thing, and then something else happens. Or for that matter I have an issue when someone words is made to another, and then the follow through never happens. I have found that when I have witnessed this the person making the statement has over-committed to the task.

If we can accomplish multiple things at an “average” level, why not accomplish fewer things at your “best” level, and then move on to the next. Think about it. Have you ever been in a meeting, and heard your CEO, Director, Manager, or Supervisor state to everyone in the room “Ok, so let’s map this out, we need a process map. I need a point of contact, as well as the team or unit that is going to take on this project.” and the entire time s/he was staring at you. So, you shook your head like this task was for you handle. Is this your opportunity? Or s/he just staring at you because you’re in his/her field of view. No matter what the reason may be, your level of commitment will determine the type of action you will take on this project, right?

So, guess what? It’s time for you to fully commit and do it at a level higher than just “average.”

How deep are you invested in your career, losing weight, starting a business? “The achievement of any goal first starts with a level of commitment and courage… don’t wait for skill and confidence.” While taking every opportunity to master your craft allows you to get a step closer to achieving your goals. Waiting to achieve them could very well slow you down. Every opportunity you have seize that moment.

Take Risk: Fear is a Liar! And inevitably turns into your biggest HATER! So make FEAR your biggest MOTIVATOR! After reading about Warren Buffet, Reginald F. Lewis, and Sarah Breedlove every one of these business owners had to a risk, and notable risk at that. Dedication: No one be more committed or dedicated to your vision than you are.

Transparent moment as a Virgo I have always been a worrier, however, I have always been able to mask it; my faith has carried me this far I can’t stop believing now! I was always told that if you worry then what is He there for? You will block every opportunity that was already mapped out for you. Trust your dedication to the goal. And then focus on the goals for each moment and conquer them. Stay Consistent: Stay committed to being consistent without pause. This step should be a part of your “High Priority” on your task board. And while we are always waiting for the fruits of our labor to bloom, continue to be consistent and work harder until you reap the benefits. Stay Passionate: Considering, it’s February love is in the air… and passion ignites that love. Love what you do, but bring on the passion when you begin to work harder for your goals, and aspirations. When passion in all that you do, others can feel it. They can see it. They even smile when they recognize it. There’s no limit when passion is present. Welcome Partnerships: When you are smart about committing to your business relationships. You have decided that these businesses/partners are essential to your growth, knowledge, and passion. I truly believe that my TPP team was put together for a reason and try my hardest to nurture the relationship I have with them. Which then bleeds over into external relationships. Never Satisfied: The Big Picture to your initial goals are great, and now that those have been achieved commit to never being satisfied. This does not mean become greedy, it means to keep thinking outside of the box. Continue to cultivation innovation and creativity. Be Wise: Seek Feedback and staying self-aware. Your decisions play a huge part on your image and brand. Be smart, but always seek guidance from your mentors. In order to grow you have to want to know, and feedback allows you to stay open minded.

Now that you have fully committed to your decisions, you should also keep in mind that staying flexible in your approach is essential to your success as well. In any relationship be it business or personal your level of commitment will ultimately determine the outcome. Will the outcome of this relationship just be another day at the office, or will it be another call from your CIO and CFO telling you the latest business contracts are good to go.



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”





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