April Has Showered…

April has surely showered us with some memorable headlines:

The Mueller Report: Don’t get me started on that ….

Photo Illustration by Emily Scherer/Getty Images
Photo Illustration by Emily Scherer/Getty Images

The long wait for the Avengers End Game: I need a babysitter to even go see it…

The all anticipated ‘Game of Thrones’: I don’t regret that I didn't watch it- because that just would have been another show to add to me shows that I would of had to keep up with… and I just couldn’t.

Wendy Williams and her marriage: It seems as though Wendy is now the Hot Topic, however, I prefer to stay far far away from this.

The NFL Draft: I believe some do-overs- may be necessary, however, who can call it some of the best NFL players were “boo’d” after being drafted and some weren’t even drafted:

Considering, these headlines and the showers of conversations they brought to the news, and the dinner tables. What are some of the headlines that you wrote this month? And don’t sit there and say that you didn’t, because you did. Stop for a second and think about some of the success that you’ve accomplished personally and professionally! I guarantee if you take a moment to take some inventory you will see the progress you’ve made.

Below are a few tips on how to track your progress, to see your successes that could lead to your biggest “favorable” headlines:

  1. Write It Down: Get real old-fashioned and put that ink to a pad. To be honest it’[[s a little theraputic when I do it. It allows me to fully feel, and watch the rhythm of my writing. My writing will normally show the mood I am in. And then when I sit back and see what I have accomplished it has allowed me to actually see my progress. And that all the pots I have my hand in, aws well as all the thoughts I am thinking are getting handled. And that feel good.

  2. You Should be Scared: If what you’re doing doesn’t scare you - then it isn’t worth doing in my book. Now, the next statement I am about to say is going to sound contradictory, however, in some sense of the word I am a realist, however, I am optimist as well. And while planning is very appropriate for achieving and seeing your dreams, as well as progress. Somethings will just happen, and in that moment you have to adjust. Adjusting is never easy. It is uncomfortable and often times scarey. However, I have found that the end result seems to always be exhilarating.

  3. Ask yourself… Did I execute?: Throughout the process of you essentially writing your next success for your “favorable” headline; ask yourself did you EXECUTE? Everyone has strategies and with every strategy there must be an “end game” (don’t spoil it for me- I have no idea how ‘End Game” ends!) However, you have to write your ‘end game’ to each strategy you put on the table to execute, because if you don’t none, I mean none of your ideas will turn into headlines.



“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.”




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