Application Lifecycle Management: 5 Step Process

It’s Thursday again! One step closer to the weekend! I wanted to something different than from what I usually do with my Thursday space! Usually I give a list of tools or applications with comparisons or listing them from greatest to least. But this time, I want to discuss something that I have been doing some research on lately for my own organization The Professional Project Blog.

Although I am in the IT industry, there is still A LOT of business that we have to handle weather it is notating specifications or managing an upgrade of software. Business practices and technology go hand and hand.

This observation brings me to what my “Tech Thursday” talk will be about for the next few weeks. I want to tackle the Application Lifecycle Management process. This process has several similarities to Project, Software, and Testing processes as well as each one differing in their own unique way. There is no perfect one way this process should be handled but I am going to discuss the way I believe works before ALL teams.

To start things off, below is a high level, over all diagram (from MSRCOSMOS website) of how I personally view the Application Lifecycle Management process. Throughout the week I will start my explanation of each section as well as tools that maybe helpful during each phase.

All though I am giving my view, before each Thursday I would love to get feedback from you on what you! For example, the first phase of the cycle is “Requirements and Specification”, what do you think about when you hear those words? What needs to happen? Give your feedback! I am listening.

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