“0” Talent, but gain “100%” Respect

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

(Disclaimer: Long read, but it’s worth it!)

Being a professional in any industry takes more than just knowing how to perform your job. As well as, branding your services or product, it takes other elements. How many times have you heard someone say “I love the food, but the service was horrible!” Or “I will never go back to that place it wasn’t worth…” and you insert whatever needs to go there i.e. “the price of the food wasn’t worth the portion of food.” As professionals and business owners we try to focus on driving our revenue growth, improving performance, and increasing profit just to name a few, and all of these topics taken each considerable amount of effort. So now let’s focus on topics that take “O” effort, but gain “100%” respect.

1. Being on Time: I have seen and read so many articles where science has stated those that are always are smarter, or more successful (rolling my eyes). I would like to say in the record I truly dislike those that walk in late to meeting, and this is also one of my panic triggers if I walk in late and not able to prepare, no matter how composed people believe I am. But what does being on time actually mean as a professional; it demonstrates your diligence and dependability. Indicates that you are committed and can be trusted. And shows that you respect others and care about their time. And this takes “0” effort, but gains 100% respect.

2. Work Ethic: Work ethic to me has always “seemed” to be a learned behavior; if you saw your parents, or grandparents, or uncles or aunts work ethic, and it was impeccable, you normally mimicked what you saw, especially if this was ingrained in you. I was always told no matter what I aspired to be “strive to be the BEST!” I found that a person’s work ethic normally determines how that person relates to occupational responsibilities; such as goal-setting, hard-working accountability, task completion, reliability, cooperation, communication, honesty, effort, determination, leadership, volunteerism, and dedication. According to an article written by Erin Schreiner on www.chron.com, there are Five Characteristics of a Good Work Ethic. “And people who possess a strong work ethic embody certain principles that guide their behavior, leading them to produce high-quality work consistently and without the prodding that some individuals require to stay on track.”

3. Effort: When you’re hired for a position typically you are provided a position description. This normally provides you with the scope of your job description. But “effort,” which happens physically or mentally, and leads to “the level of effort people could give if they wanted to, but you decide to go above and beyond the minimum required.” This action is better known as discretionary effort. We all have those employees that go above and beyond the call of duty, or work on a presentation or report over the weekend, not because they have to, but because they wanted to. And that action that took place was discretionary, but it only shows that it took “0” effort, but gains 100% respect.

4. Body Language: Body language takes on non-verbal communication efforts in the workplace. From your posture, to gestures, like rubbing your nose, they all make a difference when communicating (non-verbally). As professionals and business owners we must be aware and pay attention to what, and when we do it. I found when I can identify the action (body language) I have done whether it be positive or negative it shows growth. I strongly suggest that you learn from those around you, look at those you admire, or your mentor and pay attention to how they handle non-verbal communication through body language. Watch your body position. Always make eye contact- I find myself not making eye contact all the time, and then I have to tell myself to redirect, and make eye contact. Sometimes it’s good to advise someone why your eyes seem to wonder. I do! I advise that I see my words in my brain like the ticker on ESPN- and I am almost reading ahead to ensure I say the right thing. They normally laugh and say “Oh ok - gotcha! Don’t forget to Relax; Relax your shoulders. I say this because I was actually riding in the car with my administrator (senior management) and found that he was sitting straight up in the seat next to me. I asked him was he ok? He said yes! But his shoulders were sitting so high that I wanted to push them down. LOL! Holding your shoulders high is a sign of tension, even if you don’t know that you’re doing it. And I just wanted him to relax, and know that he was ok, and we were going to make it through this meeting - he was way too prepared not to be. All of this took “0” effort, but gaines 100% respect.

5. Energy: Every morning I walk into work saying, “Good morning good people!” and normally I am greeted with a “good morning back!” I have found that entering a room with a boat load of energy can captivate a room. But even if I don’t achieve the boat load back I at least achieve the response back in hopes that we all have a great day, week, month, or year! I also have heard some people enter and not say a word; never good. Or even get some that say “I am here, but I am not in the mood to speak to anyone!” HUH! Is what I would say to myself, I would then try to assess why they feel this way. Once I do - I normally advise them of how were going to approach the day. Either way if you’re not exerting any energy then you are doing something wrong, and possibly your routine or even eating habits need to change, however, mindset plays a huge part in having the right energy for the day. Again “0” effort, but gains 100% respect.

6. Attitude: You ever heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together?” Well it’s true if you aren’t a strong-minded person, or even if you are- we all have had our times where we were easily manipulated by someone or something. So how do you combat this? Surround yourself with positive people. Attitude is a “mindset,” and you have to fill yourself with positive thoughts. I have told many people, especially, at work one of my ongoing sayings is “thoughts become things!” Create your own routine, but understand that there will be some deviations throughout the day. Be nice to people. When you do something kind for someone the same effect it has on that person has the same effect on you. Assume responsibility, and chose your response. STOP COMPLAINING! All this took “0” effort, but gained 100% respect.

7. Passion: One of my favorites. Because Passion invokes; inspiration, determination, innovation, excellence, and vision. Passion; a part of our 3P’s (#whatsyourPROJECT, #whatsyourPASSION, #whatsyourPURPOSE) when you’re passionate about what you do it intensifies your laser focus, enhances your desire to pursue excellence, increases your contribution to work, and brings synergy to work. Passionate people are motivated, and tend to rub off on others. Again “0” effort, but gains 100% respect.

8. Being Coachable: I would have to say I am coach at heart. I always try to motivate, and get others to see what they bring to the table, or how they can improve what they bring to the table. And it is pretty easy to identify who wants to be coached. Those that are committed to change. I try to remind the team that change is inevitable, no one day is the same. So, get up and get ready for the great changes that will and may occur that day. Those that are open to feedback. Those that actually understand their strengths, but also know where they need to improve. People that appreciate perspective and are willing to see things from all sides. And having an awareness of oneself. All this takes”0” effort but gains 100% respect.

9. Doing Extra: I categorize this as taking initiative. Most people that do this have the ability to see something that needs to be done and decide to do it. Thinking ahead and taking actions (forecasting). This took “0” effort, and gained 100% respect.

10.Being Prepared: I love it when I see my team come to a meeting, training, or just heading into work prepared for their day. It shows to me that you know that may or may not need the tools that they brought with them, but either way they are still prepared. It shows self discipline, enhances strategic thinking, increases flexibility, and develops resilience.

So, it’s 2019 and what are you going to commit to when it comes to “0” effort but the outcome is 100% respect. As professional and business owners, we live by many quotes, but this whole post gives you a way to work “smarter and not harder,” because this takes no effort. Keep falling in love Monday.






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