I Love Mondays

With TPPB Founder: KayJay


September 30, 2019








It’s officially Monday, and we’re back at it again. So, let’s get back to business! As humans we have grown to expect certain types of service from every brand we consume. Keep in mind once someone has an expectations it is fueled by a psychological “want;” relevancy is everything, and again, as humans once expectations are met humans are more willing to engage. 


Which leads me to this questions…. How do you take time out to personalize your day in order to ensure you’re engaged in your day? Especially Monday! Well whether you answered or not below are a few tips and insight on how to achieve that personalization for your Monday. Start by asking yourself these questions


What is my passion? 

What is my purpose? 

What is my ultimate project? 

  1. Reflect: Figure out what it is that you want … ? It could be a smaller waist. It could be creating peace around. It could even be making your pockets fatter. Whatever it may be, you have to reflect on the possibilities, and figure out what it will take to get there. 

  2. Gap Analysis: Anytime I am training someone or assessing a new idea, or project. It is necessary to conduct a gap analysis at the beginning, middle (where you deem it necessary- especially if you have  a timeline), and at the end. This process isn’t easy and it requires research. One way to do that is to possibly consult an expert to determine the gaps in knowledge, or how the process may need to be tweaked. Your personalizing your day- so make it count. 

  3. Time … Time...Time… for some ACTION: You have put together your playbook, and it is now time to put the play into the game. You have now determined what is necessary for you to achieve your personalized day. Be sure you know what it what it will take to do just that. If changes are needed you are going to have to be willing to make those changes, and if you’re not then back to step 1- Reflect. 

  4. Put in Heavy Rotation: If it makes you happy REPEAT. Remember these short tips: 




  1. You Bring Me Joy,” If it brings you joy - Do it!
  2. Does it save you time and money. And if so Do it!

  3. If you find if it’s  exhausting and it brings nothing to your life- eliminate it- Do it! 






“Find your Project to be Purposeful and then make your Passion your business.” 




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