KayJay Thomas

Founder of The Professional Project 

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"This is Serious Business!"

The professional world would say that I am a conventional professional, meaning I went to school graduated with honors, after graduating I was able to travel as well as work a few good jobs fresh out of college. I was then given the opportunity to actually start a career, at least that's how I felt. And I was excited! It was stability, and I was going to be a public servant as well (#stewardship). Sounds great, right? Well before I get to too deep into this story let me introduce myself. 

I am Khia Thomas, aka KayJay Thomas, I decided to go back to my roots, and use the nickname my uncle always called me, for nostalgic purposes. I am a mother of two and bonus mom of two, a wife, a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism; I also hold a Master degree in Entertainment Business attained from Full Sail University in Winter Springs, FL Not to mention I am a Virgo, which means I am thinker,worrier, supporter, analyst, determined, and dedicated individual. So, what does this project mean to me? The world! The internet and social media has provided me an opportunity to give my insight, accounts, experiences, thoughts, tips. This project also allows me a platform where I and my staff writers can give our readers a tactical insight for professionals; in an effort to fix the problems and not just put a band-aid on them.

Now that you have read all of that, and since you clearly are human,  and not robots; we all want to know what's in it for "me?" I mean who am "I" to believe that "I" can publish a blog to give tips on such a broad amount of professional topics. Well let me answer that!

  1. I don't profess to be a GURU: But I have lived and witnessed a lot of the topics that we're going to cover within the blog, and to me, that's better than someone that only has theories to provide. 

  2. I am solution-oriented: And I have found that instead of coming to the table with complaints and/or telling the person on the other side "here's the problem, now what are you going to do to fix it?" Solutions tend to get the job done. Especially, when you have a gatekeeper sitting across from you. Your time as well as theirs is valuable so its best we don't waste it. 

  3. My Goal: Is to provide "YOU" the reader(s) with professional tips whether conventional or unconventional, due to having experienced and/or witnessed many of these issues. Along with the other contributory writers providing our readers with tips; professional, financial, and insightful opinions that can launch, re-launch, or assist you through your professional careers. Hopefully now you know why this is "serious business!"