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Article Written By Charizma Jones
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Hello To Natural LLC is a husband and wife, Darrell and Mary Johnson, duo team with a drive to connect their our customers to products that will actually help them. Their main focus is building trust in a community that we will deliver safe and natural products. Mary and Darrell also price their products so anyone can afford them. They believe having access to natural products does not have to be a luxury. What I also found unique about Hello To Natural is Mary and Darrell’s supplier is also our mentor and has taught them so much about how to treat people, how to understand and identify the quality of our products but also how to present our business at events. How amazing is that to have someone help invest in your business not only as a supplier but as a mentor!  We care about all of the people impacted by us and most importantly we think it is vital to the world to create something that will improve the quality of people's lives.




When asked how did ‘Hello To Natural’ come about, Mary and Darrell responded saying, “Darrell and I had attempted running a few other businesses prior to launching Hello To Natural LLC. In January 2017, he was in between jobs and we decided to launch an idea before he would return to work in two weeks. Darrell initially came up with the idea to drop ship coconut oil and after talking and researching raw black soap and shea butter we decided to take the plunge and bring those products, at a fair price, to an online store. I had been using natural products for years and we decided to combine my interests in natural hair and skin care products with Darrell's background and expertise as a software engineer”.


Hello To Natural LLC offers the following:

  • Raw Shea Butter

  • Scented Shea Butter (Whipped or Traditional)

  • Mango Butter (Whipped or Traditional)

  • Cocoa Butter

  • African black soap

  • Lip Balm

  • Scented Body Oil

  • Facia Wash

  • Resell Nubian Heritage bar soap (varieties)

Mary and Darrell realized this was their passion because no matter how far we are pushed to deliver or produce we still enjoy it. They both left our full-time jobs and jumped in with both feet after two years from launching and we have no regrets and has gotten tremendous feedback from the positive impact we are having on people's lives. Recognizing how much of a blessing it was to be able to work together, they brought their individual set of skills to the table to make Hello To Natural thrive!


Throughout Hello To Natural LLC professional endeavors they have cultivated several meaningful partnerships. Some of those specific partnerships are being able to partner with Pastors LeAundre and Patricia Hill with Purposed Church; Ambrose Leburu with Doerz Motivation, Black Women in Creative Spaces- Nashville; Danielle Seals with Addictions- Store, Jeanice McCord (marketing guru); Caryn Clopton with Excel Cleaning Services; Tracy & Timothy Kinkaide with Forever Hope Agency; Mark David Carter with the Natural Hair Festival- Chicago; and the list continues.


When I asked ‘What advice would you give a new business owner or someone wanting to start their own business’, Hello To Natural response was:

“Set goals. Keep going and believing and persisting until you reach your goals. Also, failure is 90% of the journey, you literally have to fail your way into success.  And always place God at the forefront of your life”.


The final questions I asked Ms. Alexander, is a signature question we love to ask all business owners. That question is, ‘TPP Team has a 3Ps Philosophy which is helping our clients work on their PROJECTS in order to put their PASSION to work to fulfill their PURPOSE in the conventional and unconventional world of professionalism. So, what’s your 3P’s?’

Projects- Building an online community and making natural products available to everyone interested and carving out a space as a known brand for healthy products and lifestyle.

Passion- Seeing how our products positively impact the customers who buy our products

Purpose- To create good in the world and help others through philanthropy and education


It is clear that Hello To Natural cares about all of the people impacted by us and most importantly we think it is vital to the world to create something that will improve the quality of people's lives. For more information or to order some of their amazing products, reach out to them at the contact information listed below:





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