Our Story 

Leadership through Knowledge 

Helping our clients work on their Projects

In order to put their Passion to work to

Fulfill their Purpose

In the Conventional and Unconventional Worlds of Professionalism








Our Core Company Values 

Leadership through Knowledge

Aligning our clients with their 3P’s

A Team on a Mission 

The TPP Team is equipped with experience that can benefit the masses. We plan on providing our followers and clientele with a competitive edge and retrospect on what will/can be and is beneficial to their growth through resume writing, social media training, financial and strategic insight, Introductory IT training, career counseling, and consultation etc.     


Big Thinking 

Details are necessary to ensure things flow smooth; The ultimate Vision is to provide knowledge through leadership. Taking our clientele from Great to Ah-Mazing. And we can only accomplish this through thinking BIG;l innovation, collaboration, communication, and knowledge is key to our clients achieving their 3P’s



We've identified that there was a deficiency in training and development, and this is what brought us to where we are now! We have made it a point to constantly PUSH ourselves to I.D. IT; identify the issues that professionals encounter and provide a platform that will allow our team to give insight, opinions, and training tips to assist with the issues that have been identified, not to mention assisting our clientele in identifying their 3P’s. 

Inside with The Professional Project Team

The makeup of our team is exceptional with one Core Value in mind Leadership through knowledge. 


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