A professional must always be on their Ps and Qs. So let’s discuss the ABCs of Professionalism.

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This week we are on the letter J.


This week is brought to you by journaling.


As a young adolescent girl, I was taught that I must write things down. It was said to me, “journal to express emotions and feelings that others may not understand”.  Journaling is becoming the number 1 thing again in my life that I use to help understand myself more and continue to grow into the professional that employers are seeking; and ultimately, becoming an entrepreneur. The list of benefits that journaling provides is extensive! However, I’m going to shorten it to my:


Top 5 reason Why You Should Start Journaling:


#1. Journaling is a quiet escape in a brain full of noise and clutter. This is the sure way to recycle repeating thoughts and clear your mind for new thoughts.


#2 Journaling helps with keeping your thoughts and life in order. You are able to write down your goals and to do list. We have a lot going on in life and this is a sure way to monitor how accomplished you are and how well you are completing task day by day.


#3 Journaling is an “over thinker’s” friend. Over thinkers tend to sink the ship on their voyage to the sea of clarity. You are overthinking about all of the real and unrealistic possibility of things that could or will happen if you continue or stop a journey. Yes, journaling is a start to cease the overthinking.


#4 You may not have a person, spouse or friend that can completely understand your current emotions or perhaps you aren’t quite ready to share. Journaling will help you express those emotions and feelings through writing and being artistic. This helps you rid and filter yourself from unwanted emotions that may be misinterpreted or heighten in the heat of the moment of a debate.


#5 Journaling helps you become organize and stable. Stability in some perfect world is organization’s first cousin. When journaling you aren’t being judge on grammar and you are free and clear down the highway of imagination from the grammar police. You can be free in your mind. You can be free in your thoughts and free while writing. Your heart grows wings and take a flight to freedom. Journaling assist you with laying down emotional weights of the mind.


How many of you are walking around and interacting with co-workers, friends, and other people you cross paths with, but you are really not present in the moment because you are lost in your own thoughts? I think, it might be time to invest in a journal. Who knows, that first step in clearing your thoughts could lead to you being published. You never know what stepping stones are being placed before you to take you to another level; however, you know what levels and place you would like to go in life. Begin to journal. Just Journal! Most do not understand this concept. They are prone to using social media platforms to express emotions that may not be the most valuable thing to read by others who follow those platforms. Just journal. Journaling is therapy. It is a stress-free zone. Most are using others to express their feelings, sharing their day and/or sharing their lives. There are times when those individuals aren’t really interested and it becomes a mini tea session regarding your business when you are considering the listening ear. Even if the person is trust worthy and have proven to be so you still need to take other routes to express your personal feelings regarding things you encounter at work, church, social groups and life. Mom, dad, dog and cat may not be eliminated from your panel of listening but you are able to limit it.


Just Journal.


K is for Keen.

We must have a keen sight on life. The universe is sending us signals all around. We must be keen and aware of who we are today. I love the saying, “in a world of copy cats be yourself.”

Every professional must learn to pay attention to details. In those details exists information that will assist with completing a project. It is a must to have a keen sharp eye on your surroundings and understanding your environment.

As a professional it is 100% vital that you create a relationship with your coworkers and in order to create this relationship, you must take the time to get to know who they are and what are their objectives.  There are times when you have coworkers, or others in various social settings, that are becoming close to you. In those instances, you must take the time to see and hear motives. The last thing you want to do is shut your keen eye operation down and wear your heart on your sleeve. You will set yourself up for failure when you are asking questions about who they are and their goals in life.

Be keen and stay focused.

Always ask the right questions for the right answer for the right next move. 

As the universe or a superior power sends you signs be aware and use grouse to your advantage to operate at a better level.

Remember to: Be Keen!